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Own a profitable chatbot business instantly: pre-built website, AI chatbots, marketing tools, cold email leads, all without coding.

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Unleash the Power of AI

Imagine owning a thriving chatbot business, helping companies automate customer service, qualify leads, and boost sales – all without needing to be a tech whiz or spend months building from scratch.

That’s the power of our AI Chatbot Business in a Box. We provide everything you need to launch and run your own successful chatbot agency, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Here’s what you get with our comprehensive kit:

Targeted Playbook

Discover proven strategies to attract clients in your chosen niche, whether it’s e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, or any other industry. ​

Marketing Guide & Templates

Craft compelling proposals, presentations, and social media content to win over clients with ease. Utilize pre-written templates to save time and effort.​

Professional Website

Showcase your expertise and services with a stunning, pre-designed website that converts visitors into clients.

Advanced AI Chatbots

Deploy sophisticated chatbots trained for both customer service and lead generation, empowering businesses to automate key tasks and drive results.

Cold email templates

Reach out to potential clients with confidence using high-converting email templates.​

1k Leads to start

Get a head start with 1,000 targeted email leads in your chosen niche.

80 Pages of Success Unlocked

Forget fumbling in the dark! Our 80-page Chatbot Business Playbook is your comprehensive roadmap to launching and scaling a thriving agency. Packed with actionable insights, this is more than just a guide – it’s your key to turning conversations into conversions.

Pre-Built Templates: Launch Your Chatbot Business Fast

Imagine launching your chatbot agency without spending weeks crafting email sequences, researching markets, or even figuring out what services to offer. Our Template Toolbox makes it possible, transforming you from idea stage to client acquisition in record time.

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Plug-and-Play Profits

Forget the coding headaches and lengthy development cycles. Our package includes ready-to-deploy AI chatbots from a leading industry provider, specifically designed for both customer service and lead generation. Simply choose the model that best fits your client’s needs, plug it in, and watch them start capturing valuable leads and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

1,000 Laser-Focused Email Leads Included

Building an email list from scratch takes time, effort, and expertise. But with our Business in a Box, you get a head start with 1,000 email leads directly targeted to your chosen niche. No more struggling to attract the right audience – we deliver them straight to your doorstep.

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Who We Are?​

Whether you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur itching to launch your own chatbot agency or an established consultant looking to scale your offerings, the AI Chatbot Business in a Box is your springboard to success. This comprehensive package empowers beginners with the tools and resources to skip the learning curve and experienced players to streamline client acquisition and project delivery. So, if you’re driven by the potential of AI and dream of building a business centered around cutting-edge chatbot solutions, look no further!

5 Reasons to start an AI Chatbot business

  • Launch Fast: Skip development & deploy pre-built, industry-leading AI chatbots for customer service & lead generation in minutes.
  • Target Ready: Leverage 1,000 pre-vetted email leads in your chosen niche for instant outreach & higher conversions.
  • Effortless Marketing: Utilize pre-written email sequences, client feedback forms & marketing templates to save time & impress clients.
  • Expert Support: Gain access to comprehensive playbooks, guides & expert consultations to navigate every step of your journey.
  • Recurring Revenue: Offer ongoing support & maintenance to clients, building long-term relationships & predictable income streams.
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Invest in Your Chatbot Business Success

Invest in Your Chatbot Business Success (Flexible Options to Match Your Needs)

Founders Launchpad


eBook designed to get going

80 page playbook
Marketing Templates
Growth Accelerator


Best for professional

80 page playbook
Marketing toolkit
Cold email templates
1k emails
Ai Chatbots
Enterprise Edition


Fully packages opportunity

80 page playbook
Marketing toolkit
Cold email templates
1k emails​
AI Chatbots
Google Ads setup
Custom Marketing Plan
Extra 1k emails

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